New Unschoolers! Email Support

A great follow-up for the Jumping Into Unschooling Course!

Or if you'd like ongoing support in bite-sized pieces just to help you stay focused on unschooling!
Sue Patterson guides you through the first 6 months of your unschooling adventure! It's like having a personal trainer in your Inbox!

  • A 6-Month DIY Program
  • A Weekly email with 5 Bite-sized activities for you to continue growing and keeping unschooling in the front of your mind. 
  • Each Monday Morning Email will contain:
    • Video
    • Pep Talk Podcast
    • An Unschooling Article
    • A Parenting/Learning Article
    • Strewing Suggestions for the week
    • Only $25/month


Starting October 2019!

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